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TMJ & TMD Management Talks

Empowering Professionals with Continuing Education & Self-Management Techniques

Learn about the causes, symptoms, and management techniques for TMD/TMJ issues in a live, interactive presentation provided by experienced professionals from Pursuit of Motion Physiotherapy, right in your clinic.

Presentation Includes:

  • Lecture of structures, causes, and symptoms of TMD/TMJ

  • Access to poster and pamphlet resources with live demo

  • Equipment for self-management techniques

  • Q&A session

  • A letter to your professional college for continuing education credits (CEs)

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Client's we've worked with:

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About Your TMD & TMJ Presenters

Pursuit of Motion Physiotherapists treat a wide range of injuries and dysfunctions by using an evidence-based and patient-centered philosophy.


Your presenters specialize in treating TMD/TMJ issues and have over a decade of experience in practice and presenting to professionals. Your physiotherapists provide an informative and interactive experience to ensure you're left with the tools and knowledge to recognize patients with symptoms and understand the best practices for treatment protocols.

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Empower your team with expert insights and knowledge!

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