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Personal Training with TJ

Reach your performance, health, and recovery goals.

TJ's goal is to help you reach new heights with all aspects of your fitness. Whether it's increasing performance or focusing on recovery, he's here to help you achieve your goal.

Initial Consultation

Your free 45 minute initial consultation allows TJ to form an individualized program involving:

  • PAR-Q Intake

  • Fitness + Health Goals

  • Body Assessment Screening

  • Fitness Testing

  • Programming Options

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Training Packages

TJ’s personal training packages consist of one hour sessions in a semi-private personal training setting with a maximum of 3 people/session.​

About Your Trainer

TJ Macintyre

My journey towards a career in fitness arguably began at the age of 6 when I became obsessed with the NFL. That obsession fuelled a deep passion for fitness and athletic performance.

Following a bachelor’s degree in psychology, I pursued a career as a Registered Massage Therapist with a focus on performance recovery and injury rehabilitation. That career has led to many amazing opportunities in the athletic community including several years as part of the Edmonton Eskimos (ELKS) recovery team.


After a year of working as an instructor at a local
massage college teaching several courses including Therapeutic Exercise & Rehabilitation, I set
my focus on becoming certified as a Personal Trainer.


My goal is to help you reach new heights with all aspects of your fitness. Whether it is increasing performance or focusing on recovery I look forward to working with you and helping you achieve your goal.


General Fitness, Rehabilitation, Long-Term Success

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Image by Semeon Hrozian

10 Drop-In Sessions

Drop in sessions allow you to have flexibility with your time if you live a hectic lifestyle and have an unpredictable schedule. You get continuous support and motivation along the way.

10 sessions must be used within a 3 month period.

Active Lifestyle Change Training

Are you unsure where to start in your fitness journey? This package allows for you to get a jump start on your personal goals and growth with the help with an educated personal trainer, providing workouts, educating you on how to perform a workout safely and correctly, while motivating you.

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back row personal training.jpeg

Forever Fit
Personal Training

Sessions for 6-months either 1x/week or 2x/week.


1x/week allows for a structured and supportive approach to achieving your fitness goals for those who lack time throughout their week, while providing guidance and accountability by personalized attention throughout the
6 months.

2x/week offers greater opportunities with TJ accelerating your progress incorporating a wider range of exercises, consistent form correction and feedback, leading to improved results, long-term success, and enhanced accountability.

Why Train at Pursuit of Motion?

The integration of personal training within a physiotherapy setting offers a holistic approach to rehabilitation. Clients receive tailored exercises that synergize with their recovery efforts, utilizing specialized equipment to target specific areas for healing.

Personalized Attention

Minimal Distractions

A Wide Range of Equipment

Private Gym Environment Fostering Comfort & Support

Elimination of Intimidation Often Experienced in Public Gyms

power pose at the workout room.jpeg

This seamless transition from physiotherapy to personal training promotes gains in strength, stability, and mobility while reducing the risk of future injuries.


The cohesive environment at Pursuit of Motion facilitates both recovery and growth, providing psychological support and motivation throughout your rehabilitation process.

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