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Shoulder Pain Exercises and Management

woman doing a dumbbell shoulder press

Shoulder pain. It is an affliction many of us suffer from. Whether it is sports-related or due to joint overuse, shoulder pain is a part of many of our lives. However, there are ways to manage it. This management will be our topic of discussion today.


General Shoulder Exercises

General exercises that can be done for shoulder pain management and mobility involves using a broomstick or even a golf club.

woman doing a shoulder flexion exercise with a shovel pole


It's important to emphasize using the unaffected limb to push the affected limb into these different positions. To do this exercise you will take the unaffected limb at the outside and the affected limb at about the middle of the stick that you're using and go into some flexion.

woman doing should abduction exercise with a shovel pole


You can also reach behind and go into some extension, you can also go to the side, into abduction with all of these motions. It's important to make sure to perform these exercises as comfortable and as pain-free as possible.


Easy Shoulder Strengthening Exercises

Next we are going to look at easy exercises for general strengthening of the shoulder joints.

woman doing external rotation shoulder exercise against the wall

Shown: External rotation against the wall

Wall Internal/External Rotations

You can go into some internal rotation against the wall by placing your palm against the wall, elbow at 90 degrees, and pushing inwards holding for about 10 seconds.

You can then do some external rotations by using the back of the hand elbow against the wall at 90 degrees and pushing outward holding for 10 seconds.

woman doing a superman hold for shoulder strengthening

Shown: superman hold alternative

Superman Hold (relaxed legs & neck)

The second strengthening exercise can be done lying down flat on your stomach, extending the arms into a wide wide position with the thumbs pointing upwards while keeping the neck and the legs relaxed. Hold for 15 - 20 seconds.


Advanced Shoulder Exercises

You can progress to more advanced movements as you feel more comfortable and the easier exercises become easier.

woman doing standing banded internal and external rotation exercises

Shown: banded internal & external rotation

1) Banded Internal & External Rotations:

Keeping the elbow tucked, you can pull outwards for external rotation, and pull inwards for internal rotation.

2) Banded Pull Aparts

Take your band and hold it at about chest level with your arms extended and pulling the band outward and creating tension.

woman doing bent over dumbbell rows on a workout bench

Shown: Bent over rows

3) Bent Over Rows with Dumbbells

Choose a comfortable weight. Keeping your elbow tucked and your back straight, lower the weight and bring it up to about 90 degrees while squeezing your upper back.


Have questions? Contact us about your questions or concerns. Head over to our injury self-management guide for more information and other exercises under Resources!

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