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Groin Strain Recovery - 4 Phases to Return You Back to Sport

Hockey superstar, Sydney Crosby, straining his hip flexors.

Groin strains are a certain class of sports injuries that occur largely in the absence of contact. It can involve any of the abdominal, adductor or hip flexor muscle groups. It occurs frequently in sports such as hockey and soccer, attributed to the sport's rapid deceleration and acceleration motions.

Through peer-reviewed research here are 4 phases which can help you return back to your sport safely and quickly.


Phase 1 (0 - 2 Weeks Post-Injury)

This first phase is mainly associated with pain management and restoring range of motion.

Starting with some isometric (static) training, we're gonna do some modified Copenhagen symmetric holds which involve using 2 benches or boxes, laying on your side and holding your leg up.

(3 sets until fatigue)

Another exercise that can be performed are isometric holds of adduction which can be done laying down, grabbing a small ball pinching, and holding for 10 seconds.

(3 sets of 7 repetitions)

Phase 2 (2 - 6 Weeks Post-Injury)

This phase is the strength redevelopment phase where we're going to introduce more dynamic, active motions with regaining full range of motion.

Resistance abduction with exercise bands.

(3 sets of 10 repetitions)

Long lever version of the Copenhagen hold.

(3 sets - each set until fatigue)

Banded clam shells.

(3 sets - each set until fatigued)

Phase 3 (6 - 10 Weeks)

The goal of this phase is to restore more functional strength and more dynamic strength.

Copenhagen holds with the incorporation of leg abduction along with a long lever posture.

(3 sets of 10 repetitions)

Banded squats with a box. Using a box, we are going to squat down until we touch the box. You can use a bed instead of a box or a chair.

If you feel comfortable enough, you can add a barbell.

(3 sets of 10 repetitions)

Banded sidesteppers.

(3 sets - each set until fatigue)

Phase 4 (10 Weeks to Return to Sport)

This phase is more sport-specific and helps athletes get back into practice and full play. #sportmode

Lateral lunges with a kettlebell. Choose a weight that you're comfortable with.

(3 sets of 7 repetitions)

Skater bounds. Jump side to side like exaggerated skating with a jump.

(3 sets of 10 repetitions)

Completing these phases along with a few manual sessions with a licensed physiotherapist will allow you to be able to return to your sport, pain free!

Need help? Send us a message or book with a physiotherapist!


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